ALBINO collection has soft shaped designs using again soft and neutral tones. We see above the knees trapezoid cut or ankle lenght pencil slim figures that are used to create capes, coats, dresses and skirt suits. Trois-quart sleeves, high necks and scallop necks are preferred. Here too we see tie-ribbons. Cream, camel, light blue, brown and black are the main colors, those are combined with still patterns. I especially liked the ones which resemble armchair textures. Using different colors inside and outside the costumes gives a feeling of depth.


Dell’Acqua who lost his rights to his name and signature company last June who passed a disastrous year and took the spring season off has returned back now with a different name as NO.21! He said he learned a lot from the past, hence focused on wearable clothes and more everyday look than evening wear in this self-financed collection. Long slim silhouettes, blue and camel combinations and masculine details stand out in the collection. Turquoise, fuschia and blue mixed into camel and black at their most vivid tones. A slight lingerie effect created through lace and feathers a bit resembles of his old times.