Miuccia told that she took 90’s PRADA out of the chest and presented a wide collection from elegant and feminine cashmere pieces to thick, warm and huge knitted ones. PRADA’s was a playful collection with plaids, cut-outs, rich ruffles on chest, voluminous puffy skirts tight on the waist, knit sweaters, cardigans and dresses. As a known tendency to socks, PRADA this time came out with knitted socks with braids on, and used thin belts and cheerful shoes as accessories. Camel, brown, rust, bright blue and black are the main colors. Sprinkled wools or amorf plaids are seen as patterns. I especially loved those puffy dresses wher cut-out and ruffle trends come together, also the pointed collars accessorized with wool or tiny furs. Cashmere, wool, patent leather are the most used materials.


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  1. Cable knits? Always loved them. Camel (both the colour and the fabric, that is, camel hair)? Has a noble air to it. Embrodiery on black? Looks timeless and elegant. Voluminous skirts? Bring'em on! In sum, I love all the trends in the Prada show!

    What a great start to bilingual blogging, Styleboom! Congrats!

  2. thanks to one of my dearest blogger friends:))