BLISS | Maison Moschino Hotel

Well I'd like to share the joy of finding a wonderful place for me to stay in Milan ladies:)))) A place which is cheerful, colorful, whimsical, interesting, weird even absurd, creepy, funny, modern, surreal, fairytale, dynamic simultaneosly, shortly a perfect MOSCHINO!

How does it sound to sleep in a giant ball gown or sip your coffee inside a coffee cup?? MAISON MOSCHINO HOTEL which has opened recently gives chance to live all these miracles and more.

Rossella Jardini who is Moschino's creative director and cosupervsor of this project along with Jo Ann Tan defines the unique hotel as "feeling at home when living a fairy tale", and dear lady what can I do to feel like I am in one of these amazing rooms rather than home?!?

You enter a neoclassical building built in 1840 and everything starts in the lobby: chandeliers of origami Clouds, lamps created from Moschino dresses and accessories, puffy armchairs and lambs:)) 65 rooms of the hotel are decorated inspiring from tales and fantasies which we all know like "Alice's Room",“The Petal Room”, “Red Riding Hood”, “The Forest”, and “Gold” . For dreaming eyes wide open you just need to book one of these 16 distinct designed rooms!

Fashion's blended into food also, creativity of Moschino' designs companies delicious food of famous chef Moreno Cedroni.

Well there key to my heart is at reception!

"Forest Room" is one of my favorites, beautiful, fresh and peaceful. I may not sleep in the room with walls covered by ivies though:) And I loved that wolf, I doubt if it can terrify any girl with or without a red cape.

Project Partner Hotelphilosophy S.p.A, Mobygest Group,
Project Owner Allianz Global Investors SGR S.p.A – Fondo Ras Antares.