DIY | Make Your Own HERMES Medor Bracelet

"Medor" is one of the iconic pieces of HERMES watches and bracelets. HERMES just come up with an amazing DIY idea and create some templates to make your own Medor paper bracelets just using scissors and glue:) Of course you may change the patterns if you like!

The templates provided by HERMES are right below: for your own paper Medor just download, print and cut and prepare:)

Orange Version (Orange) template

Blue Version(Azul) template

XOXO(Libreta) Version template


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  1. I was feeling quite a connection with the lady who made the bracelet...we liked the same things! She had taken time to find buttons to make her bracelet special...
    When I got home I thought it would be fun to look on eBay to see how much these bracelets were selling for...then I came across this vintage Button Bracelet Kit...