FLASHION' NEWS | A White Bear-Karl Lagerfeld-

"Impossible is nothing", at least for Kaiser. CHANEL whose runway and even catwalk soundtracks are been waited as much as the collection itself again does the unexpected! Karl Lagerfeld imported a 265-tones iceberg from Sweden and also a 35 person Ice Hotel team to sculpt them in order to present his CHANEL Fall 2010 collection, besides he makeshis point and takes all the attentions about global warming getting serious each and every day. In the middle of Grand Palais there are icebergs and the room is chilled to -4degrees Celcius. There is fur but "fake fur" everywhere on the clothes and some more like yeti, in fur from head to feet. Karl Lagerfeld win my heart when he says "Fake is not chic — but fake fur is." (but still we know he uses real for FENDI!) You may see the whole collection buradan or wait for STYLEBOOM's review post:)

This must be the love of fashion. This must be making your job with love, passion and perfection...


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  1. Love it ! Triumph for fake fur :) http://fashionableearth.org/blog/2010/03/11/chanels-triumph-for-fake-fur/