MAKE ME BEAUTIFUL | Rich and Healthy Hair Like BARBIEs:)

One of the suggestions of styleboomers is to share my opinions/comments about the products I use. I decided to begin with a hair care product because it indeed works great for me:) f you want your hair to seem like these Barbies below, I certainly recommend you this set consisting of a shampoo and a tonic for hair.

Since my hair is so healty I never interested in hair care so much except a few times having had some cures in my saloon to spoil myself, and except seasonal changes I never know what it is to have hairfall. But when I got married and moved in Istanbul my hair began falling like crazy, at first I thought it is psychological since I was missing my beloved school METU, my dear friends and of course mummy I left behind. But as time passes by it doesn’t seem to stop and I thought may be be it is due to the weather or water of the city or anything else and began searching some hair products!

Me and my mother, we both used the double item set named SCHWARZKOPF ActivF Dr. HOTING ANTI HAARAUSFALL SYSTEMPFLEGE you see above, for 5 weeks now and let me tell you the results for both of us. By the way you may find this product in supermarkets or cosmetics departments.

My hair is undyed, normal to oily and as I mentioned before very heaşthy, this shampoo and the tonic ahead(even though I haven’t used the tonic as frequent as it is stated on it) certainly stopped my hairfall, even when combing only a few drops now. Compared to earlier, it had no clear negative effects either, my hair don’t get harder or dimmer. So if you are having a situation like mine, I fully recommend it.

Mummy has hair dyed for years, and her hair has always been weak and less, lately her hairfall increased seriously. And this double care product miracolously healed hers too, she also used the tonic very carefully along with the shampoo. Her hairfall has stopped, but more importantly her hair seems more voluminous as if she has new hair coming, besides she says her hair is softer and smoother now. However doesn’t seem very bright now, it’s dimmer, we thought this set is not very well for the brightness of the dye. So she has softer but less bright hair right now, yet it is still a solution to the main problem: the hairfall.