The gorgeousness created from gold feathers right above is the very last piece from the last collection of late ALEXANDER McQUEEN, with this piece on the runway some of the guests burst into tears. "Each of these pieces are unique, as he is" were the last words...

The collection started with clothes having cuts and digital prints similar to those of the last season, than a heavy Byzantine theme has begun; imperial colors such as burgundy red, black and ivory were decorated with gold rococo.

Those gigantic church paintings and best of Grinling Gibbons art were printed on fabrics, and again a salut were given to Byzantine with drapes, velvets, brocades and attractive shoulders. And if cape will be fashion next season, it should be like these says McQueen with two breathtaking capes accessorized with emperor's symbol of double lions.

Every piece was combined with miniature and slim Roman warrior helmets, some took Mohawk forms with spikes above.

And what we get at last, again a perfect tailoring, one worth watching for hours; an incredible creativity which takes you to past and bring back; a tell tale for all of us..