STYLISH | Headscarves

Yesterday I imitated Miroslava Duma-whom style I admire a lot- and the queen of style icons Audrey Hepburn; just got a headscarf while taking a walk in Bebek. This little post is dedicated to my scarf, and I'll put a few photos soon to Boom'Style. Last time I wore headscarves were a few winters ago when I saw them in Dolce&Gabbana runway and Replay ads. Yet it is not easy to wear a scarf ladies, especially the silk ones knotted under the chin, it slips all the time, moves left to right or vice versa! Hairpins etc may be used for it but for me it just ruins the appearence... To me the best method is to have an overdo with huge amount of hair spray and backcombing, scarf will fly and then settle down like a bird settling on nest:))