TREND REPORT | Socks With Sandals

Forget about the times when you used to laugh at the tourists you see with socks inside their sandals in Bodrum or Marmaris ladies! The socks with sandals trend is one of the top 5 this season!


Especially sockets or knee high socks inside open sandals has taken their place nearly in all spring-summer runways.

My personal choice is of pretty and sheer socks with wedges or double platforms. DIOR and BURRBERRY are to me nicest in this way. Again BURRBERRY and GIVENCHY created some alternative shoes which have their own socks.

Louise Goldin-Louise Goldin-Givenchy-Rochas

When we check for the celebrities, the leaders , in fact the muses of this trend are again English, Alexa Chung, Kate Moss and Chloe Sevigny,. But still the best look is Leighton Meester's.(when she attended the latest LV runway last fall)

Still when I was reading the magazines I come up with this photo below, stockings not inside but outside the shoes and I loved it! This I will try very soon.

As much as runways streets and editorials also welcome this trend cheerfully!

Yet there are still people who are strictly against this trend:))