TREND REPORT | Spring Belting

It doesn't have to be an extraordinary one like PAUL SEVILLE's above; but belts are one of the accessories which adds spirit, joy, elegance to our outfits! Let's check out the favorite trends oin belts this season!

First whether thin o thick is just up to you! But don't forget the high waist trend that begamn last season and made top this spring, you can easily show your regular skirts and pants as if they are high waisted with thick, corset or obi belts! Try it! And ladies those belt rings are no more accepted, just wind the longer tail up behind the belt buckle.

You can use ultra feninine thin belts on your pencil skirts, cardigans and bşlazers for a 40s look. Or get modern touches as of Ann Demeulemeester and many other designers just wearing different thin belts together at a time.

Who says belts should contrast to your dress? While monochrome is very trendy so are belts having the exact same color of the outfit!

Obi belts are also very fashionable, with their corset effects they make waist look slimmer and breasts charming:) Don't forget the belts that are accessorized with bowties.

One other season trend is the wowen belts. With no trouble of extra holes:) Despite their heavy sporty look, try them with your silky floral dresses!