WANTED | Helmet

After searching for a new maxi scooter for about 3 months, yesterday we finally had our new ride! Wish for sunny days soon:))

styleBOOM who is as chic as always on a scooter also is now searching for a new and charming helmet:) Well it will be great if Kaiser's gorgeous designer helmet you see below at very left for RUBY!

Looking for helmets through the net can hurt, when you see these kinds of pretty things you just can't realize the prices:) For instance, look at this beloved AGATHA RUI DE LA PRADAhelmets!

VESPA too has many cute models, I loved not once not twice may be a dozen of them!

But I need to find such lovely helmets here in Istanbul, cause shipping will be a problem for these ones I found from net. So I am begging to my scooterlover chic ladies, where can I find such beautiful, such cute, such girly helmets in Istanbul?

Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck from ROMAN HOLIDAY