CHARLIE(1976) Girl of Revlonis the season's hot queen! She beams herself from 70s to our day with her light, comfort, confidence and iconic style! When I read Grazia editor's nostalgic article about Charlie, I decided to write one myself too!

CHARLIE is in fact a cult fragrance by REVLON released by 1973, but the miage chosen for the perfume stood front! Even the scent was itself not very good or attractive, "CHARLIE Girl" was both! She became so popular that her dress, hair or make up on the ads took more attention than the fragrance:)

Crises struck kuxury brands realized that industry won't live long when they just focus on celebs in their limos or posing on red carpet, they need clients to spend money, and guess what Charlie was a working girl! And she wants the best of everything!

Charlie is working, making money, has a career, she loves to be chic while comfortable cause she needs to travel any time, fonds of her freedom, competing with guys, she is cheerful , elegant and active! She needs silk blouses, travel easy loose but chic pants, functional jumpsuits! With her bright smile Charlie mostly loves caramel, beige, nude and ivory, yet sometimes deep blues and greens, wears brogues, adds red lips and wavy hair to her masculine style.

Spring 2010 collections were not enough, Charlie jumps to Fall runways also. CHLOE or CELINE,STELLA McCARTNEY, FERRAGAMO and JIL SANDER welcomed Charlie, hpw about you?

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