STYLish | Love Chic(k)s

Styleboomers know how I adore Diane Kruger and her style:) I guess one reason why every dress she wores suits her best is becasue she is very happy! Cause she is a lady in love!

Many years ago my favorite character of Dawson's Creek was Pacey by Joshua Jackson, he and Kruger are together since 2006. They are always together and one never leaves the othe alone, not on red carpet, on the street or along their careers.(Kruger moved in to Canada just because Jackson's work there) They are one of the most sincere couples of celeb world...ç

They seem they enjoy eachother's company a lot that they always laugh and joke together. They both are also very chic, Jackson adds a nice look to Kruger's lovely style.

Joshua Jackson is a complete gentleman that he does his best for a perfect Diane Kruger red carpet pose:)

They too sometimes look too matchy matchy, well I do not like it normally, but I adore these two:)