COLLECTION | WRANGLER Fall 2010 Collection and Happy Hour:)

Since I've been awarded the second best fashion blog Turkiye in Blog Awards 2010 Ceremony I locked myself up at home since designers are knocking my door, phone is ringing nonstop, all papers are talking about me! Well I'd like to say so ladies, but reality bites:)) After taking some time off and share my happiness with all of you, accepting your lovely messages, comments and mails , it is time to give a start to new posts:)

I mentioned before that last week was so full but all nice time. One of the organizations was of WRANGLER Fall 2010 collection launcheon held at Hose Cafe at Pera. Since I do not own a very casual style, I was first anxious about attending the event but then I couldn't resist Aysegul's- queen of the night by the way:)- insisting. It was a correct decision:) Almost all of my blogger friends were there, the interest and hosting was wonderful, finally I met adorable Trendastic NY yuppiee and our table: well it was the most stylish one in the street:))

I enjoyed great time and of course I will tell you about a nice collection! But first of all, I'd like to thank WRANGLER for welcoming us so nicely, providing successful info and their choice of place as House Cafe and Aysegul- a super professional who amazes every minute of the evening with her big smile and hard work!

KorayCaner, Stilize who took all these nice photos you see here and me Boom were the pioneers who come first. Since nobody yet arrived, we take our time asking lots of questions, rying the clothes and shooting lots of photos.

As we saw, collections was heavily men's, but women's clothing was very nice though limited. I was especially very fond of the leather jackets, gloves and huge bags. My favorites were the black leather rider jacket, knit bag, knir gloves with leather details and the tiered jeans Stilize wore for us:)

Bags and jackests made of next season's trebdy colors such as rust, brown and dark yellow were wonderful. Of course double denim was considered. Nearly all blue tones are available in denim shirts with their slim cut. Smoky coal tones are also used in jeans as much as blues. The whole collection will not be available in Turkish market but the pieces chosen will definitely stand diverse.

KorayCaner showed us another talent of his, he was our model! WRANGLER brought a female model but as I said men's wear were heavy in the collection so Koray as our male model wore the clothes for us.

From August to October the colleciton will be completed in the stores. I completed the evening with a lovely WRANGLER playsuit:) I especially loved its Özellikle kruvaze twilst bodice and not so short yet no long hemline. Immediately I tried a few things with it of course:))

1. Embroidered Blouse & Bracelets Topshop
Belt Zara
Shoes Delicious

2. Tshirt Zara Basic
Hippie Necklaces Koton
Belt Replay
Bangles Topshop
Shoes Elle

[GImages: Stilize]