COLLECTION | Jean D’art by Özlem Süer

Photos: Tolga Günay

Upon a very exciting invitation I was at Özlem Süer House on Wednesday evening. ÖZLEM SÜER invited us to introduce her JEAN D’ART collection, a collaboration with BOSSA one of the leadest denim manufacturers. I was so curious about the designers epic kiss of to every fabric done with “denim”. Though I was ill, I couldn’t help going there. The house, the landlady and the team make you to forget your sorrow, worry and illness : ) Thanks from the bottom of my heart !

Nowadays the word “jean” is virtually equivalent to the word “freedom”. It enters in every house, every wardrobe and it is a piece that has saved every one of us once in life. And Jean D’Arc inspiring the collection was a freedom fighter who lived in the 15th century. These two different ideas come together in ÖZLEM SÜER’s magical imagination and become JEAN D’ART, in other words art of jean, art of freedom…

In the secret garden of ÖZLEM SÜER HOUSE, a gigantic macaroon cake in jean colour, a cheerful team, the hardworking ant BayanMor who explained me the process, wonderful music and the JEAN D’ART collection which was scattered in the depth of the forest and tangled around trees, branches and ivies welcomed us.

ÖZLEM SÜER has answered how did this cooperation come true: “ Me and my team are fond of experimental projects. While doing this kind of innovative projects, not leaving the essence of work is our motto, principle. In this project we have kept the raw state of denim, stayed loyal to the essence and synthesized it as a luxurious consumption piece.

Moving to the upstairs in order to examine the collection, an inspiration chest greets you right at the door. Collection photos were shooted by EMİR SARISAÇ, and the stylist was ELİF DİZDAROĞLU. The pieces in the chest feels like you are teleported from a gypsy tent : )

In my opinion avant-garde denims are the most outshining pieces of the collection. Denim is being jacquared!Unbelieveable … I learned that this comes out with special woven techniques in laboratory environment. I love experiment, laboratory, trial! The clothes are powerful with layers, ruffels and special washing/leaching techniques which all are revolutionary for jean. Vintage effects, corsets saluting 15th century France, powerful arm, shoulder and collar details are the most admiring points for me. The corset is adorable!

After examining the collection, I was seized by the magic of ÖZLEM SÜER HOUSE. There are such unique pieces that Tolga Günay couldn’t stop taking photographs: ) You can see the pics of antique furniture, books, and the special bride room in which hair, make-up, care and wedding gown service is provided if you choose to become an Özlem Süer bride, and much more pics at Styleboom Facebook!

I was the least chic in this elegance. Tolga took a photo of me while I was dreaming myself with a perfume bottle in 1900s Paris :) What I wore and all the details is on Boom’Style as ususal! Because wandering around all night, I haven’t got a pic with Iconjane and Moda Cadısı. Their dresses were beautifuul :))