It's Not A Holiday If No Excess Baggage:)

... so whether 3 days or 13 days, doesn't matter, a single bag will never bi enough for me:)

As always my holiday preps start with a categorical list of checks and crosses:)

Just for holiday mood, always get beach things ready first!

My hubby is as trendy as I am, he always begins with no more than 3 pieces but ends up with another huge luggage:)

I never choose clothes only, I choose the whole stylized version, the outfit all togetjer with its shoes, bag and accessories:) Planned right?

In fact put the blame on cosmetics, they always, alwayssss take huge space! And drugs as well:)

So tired so blue:/ Hubby expects less bags from me!

And I even do not get anything for emergency; for instance a volcano might explode:)

No worries, it is not this single bag above, I took anything I need and now I am on my way while you're reading this:)