NEW COLLECTION | Jean D'art by Ozlem Suer

Photography: Tolga Günay

I was invited to Ozlem Suer House on Wednesday night for a new denim collection launcheon; Jean D'art is a collab of Ozlem Suer and Bossa.

"Jean" which nearly equals to "freedom" is reinterpreted by the designer inspired by Jean d'arc, a freedom fighter.

In the secret garden of ÖZLEM SÜER HOUSE there are pieces of teh collection in every corner, besides a huge macaron cake in blue:)

Th einspiration chest of the collection reminds of a gypsy tent:)

To me the most promising pieces are the "avant-garde" jeans created through special processes. The corset is adorable!

And of course once again the magical ÖZLEM SÜER HOUSE' tells us a lot of stories:) More photos available at Styleboom Facebook page!

JEAN D’ART by Özlem Süer collection will be available whole summer in Özlem Süer House