NEWS | Designer Shop Bebek: A Whole Year Sample Sale!

DESIGNER SHOP SAMPLE SALE is a new boutique in Bebek which is a "first" in Turkiye.

The latest news before touring:)

  • Zeynep Tosun, Gamze Saraçoğlu, Mehtap Elaidi, Zeynep Erdoğan, Özlem Ahıakın, Ayşe Deniz Yeğin, Berrin Eser, Gülin Özen sample designs are available now in the boutique, and Burcu Kuru coming soon:)
  • Galatamoda pieces are now for sale at Galatamoda prices
  • Designer Shop Sample Sale website is open, flashing news is that online shop is coming over in a week:)
  • Besides jewellery and bags, soon shoes will also take place in the boutique

The owner, Elif, is an architect and new in fashion environment. But she believed in her projects and designers confide in her

It is a "sample" boutique but no panic, not all pieces are of zero size. Some are only 34-36 but many goes up to size 42:)

The price range is wide, so anybody can find something in here:)

Evening group includes more pieces than that of everyday outfits. So a great address for your special events!

Photography: Burak Ünaldı